Quiet Dignity

Quiet Dignity

Share Note: This article was meant to be tongue-in-cheek – please read it as such. When you get to the MTC, one of the first things you’ll be taught about is Quiet Dignity. I’d never heard the phrase, and let’s just say it didn’t come naturally to me. Quiet dignity is pretty much exactly what…

LDS Sister Missionary Clothing

Sister Missionary Clothing

Share Now that we’ve gone over whether or not you should serve, let’s talk about how you should dress. For elders, it’s pretty simple – a couple of suits and ties, and some shorts and t-shirts for p-days. If only it were that easy for girls – there’s SO much to think about! When you…

Sister Mormon Missionaries

Should I Serve a Sister Mission?

Share Some of you ladies might be trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission. In the end, it is between you and God, but hopefully this will give you some things to think about. For starters, sit down and think about why you are considering serving a mission. Be honest with yourself….

Priest With Rosary and Bible

What if You Were an Investigator

Share This post is in response to a lot of frustration being expressed on our Facebook page regarding what missionaries should know and what info they should share. It’s easy for us to look at things from the perspective of a member or even a missionary, but so hard to step into the shoes of…

Brazilian street

Success Through Service

Share My third area was one of the most difficult. Due to its massive success the previous year, there were four sets of missionaries in an area that could only sustain one. People who wanted to convert already did and the rest were sick of the white boys in ties clapping (Brasilians don’t knock) at…

How to react to missionaries at your door

Funny Mormon Missionary Comics

Share   I found these little gems in the deepest depths of the internet (MySpace – don’t ask why I was on MySpace). I asked the creator if I could put them on the site. Not only did he say yes, but he even gave permission to put our URL on them. Thanks, guy who…

Dead Body with Clipping Path

If You Come Home Early, It Better be in a Body Bag

Share This post isn’t for future missionaries, but for their fathers. We were exhausted from a blisteringly hot day of wandering the streets of northern Brazil. We sat slumped on our respective beds with the fans blowing directly on us, our ties loosened, too tired and sweaty to change just yet. In a brief moment…


No Investigators, No Dinner

Share Rules for meal times vary from mission to mission, but more and more missionaries seem to be going home hungry. This is a result of the “No investigators, no dinner” policy. This basically means that missionaries are no longer allowed to  have dinner at the houses of members unless there’s an investigator present. There…

LDS Missionaries on Bikes

10 Things every Pre-missionary Should Know

Share If you’re going on a mission, your parents, your bishop, and everyone in your ward has already told you how wonderful it is. They’re right, but they tend not to tell you everything. Missions are incredible, but you should have realistic expectations of what you’re going to experience. 1. By “best 2 years” they…