Lower Age Requirement for Missionaries

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Watch the video where Thomas S. Monson announces that men can now serve LDS missions at 18 and women can at 19.

Author: Elder J

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  1. Ecnal McGreggor Posted on July 31, 2013 at 11:44 am

    I was recently chatting with someone in our ward family about their 19-year old daughter who just arrived in her mission. She (the missionary) is a very confident and capable woman who had done great work in the community already. In fact, I was always surprised by the kind of charity work she was involved in. I can’t help but think that the net win/loss here is a loss. Proselyting is fine, but teaching reading, serving food in the women’s shelter, and generally helping others out seems to be so much more lasting. Maybe some young men and women who have already learned to serve should feel OK about not applying their talents to preaching. Lead by example, right?

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