Top 10 Mormon Memes

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Welcome to my top 10 funniest Mormon memes. Yes, LDS humor is a little nerdy, but we like it that way.

10. Hipster Joseph

reformed egyptian meme

9. Chased by a What?

We believe in being honest, true, chased by an elephant

8. Well, it’s Easier than the Army

I want you for a Sunbeam

7. A Couple More Cubits and We’d Still Have Him

I'm so sorry, rex. The Ark is full.

6. I Pity the Fool That Doesn’t Choose the Right

CTR, with Mr. T as the letter T.

5. Missionaries in Black

The good guys always wear black.

4. I Would be Alcoholic

Ugly girls saying - "Lips that touch liqour shall not touch ours"

3. Turn Left at the Jerusalem

Lehi's Leahona is recalculating

2. I Have All the Action Figures

Avengers movie poster with Book of Mormon heroes.

1. Oh, Eve…

Jesus tells about Eve's transgression

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  1. Anonymous Posted on November 24, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    awesome pics! Sent a couple to my missionary

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