Are you active Church members?

Two of us were born in the Church, one is a convert. We all served missions, held callings, and were married in the temple. As you may have noticed from the site, we loved (and still love) to study history and doctrine. Full disclosure – After years of intense prayer and study (LDS approved resources only), we decided we don’t believe anymore. Does this mean the Church isn’t true? Of course not – that’s just the conclusion we came to. We don’t judge anyone for the decisions they make, as long as they do it with their eyes open! That’s why we run this site.

Are you anti Mormon?

Certainly not. Our only goal is to help prospective missionaries go into it with their eyes open. Everyone deserves to make an informed decision. Many members are made uncomfortable by talking about church history so they think that sites like ours, FAIR, and MormonThink are  anti. Without a doubt, there are anti sites out there, but don’t confuse openness with antagonism. We’re blunt and we don’t sugarcoat, but we’re not anti.

Who should go to this site?

Just because we talk about truths doesn’t mean this site is for everyone. Some of the topics discussed can be hard to accept. This site is geared towards future missionaries, apologists, and those with strong testimonies in the church. It’s probably not the best site for brand new members still grasping the basics. Start with faith, love, and repentance, then move onto history.

What do I do if I think your information is inaccurate?

We’re constantly looking to improve our content. If you find that we got something wrong or need more, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right!

Where does your funding come from?

Our own pockets. We don’t ask for or take money from anyone. We find that that keeps us objective. Also, if you have spare money and you want to put it to a great cause, we encourage you to put it towards a charity.